Nvidia’s CEO just gave a graduation speech about the future of work and said that A.I. won’t steal jobs but ‘someone who’s an expert with A.I. will’


Students graduating this year will see A.I. transform the workplace as they enter it. They can ride the new technological wave to professional success or be left in the dust, Nvidia’s CEO told graduates at National Taiwan University.

Jensen Huang, in Taipei to give a NTU commencement speech on Friday, told students that the world is entering a new technological era that will surpass the invention of even the internet, the personal computer, and smartphones.

“A.I. has reinvented computing from the ground up,” Huang said. “In every way, this is a rebirth of the computer industry.”

Over the next decade, as graduates establish themselves in the workforce, over $1 trillion of traditional computers will be upgraded or replaced with ones that are better for A.I., he predicted. Chipmaker Nvidia itself touched a $1 trillion market cap on Tuesday after posting estimate-shattering quarterly earnings. The tech company has harnessed the A.I. boom to become the first chipmaker to break the trillion-dollar mark, as its graphics processing units are integral to the operation of generative A.I. platforms.


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